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Birmingham Custom CountertopsWelcome to Poppin Rock Granite, your source for Birmingham custom countertops and kitchen cabinetry. We are experts when it comes to kitchen design and can help you with the entire process, ensuring your kitchen remodeling project is a complete success. We specialize in providing Birmingham custom countertops and kitchen cabinets, and we are a full service fabrication and installation company.

Poppin Rock Granite began in 1993 as a local company in the Birmingham kitchen cabinets industry. Later, in 2004, we saw fit to provide homeowners and builders with an easier way to purchase their kitchen cabinets and get quality craftsmanship and reliable installation services by cutting out the "middle man" - such as Lowe's and Home Depot. As we were supplying homeowners with kitchen cabinets, we saw a need for custom countertops in Birmingham, and thus Poppin Rock Granite was born. Now, we provide Birmingham custom countertops, countertop installation, countertop fabrication, countertop design, granite countertops, quartz countertops, and kitchen cabinets to homeowners and builders throughout Birmingham.

So if you are looking for countertops or cabinetry in the Birmingham area, give us a call to receive a quote for the cost of your project. Our personalized service and quality products are sure to impress!

Poppin Rock Granite - Birmingham Kitchen Cabinets

If you are looking for kitchen cabinets in Birmingham, whether you are a homeowner or a building contractor, Poppin Rock Granite can help. We offer a wide selection of beautifully crafted Birmingham kitchen cabinets that are certain to suit your needs.

At Poppin Rock Granite our team of 11 talented and experienced professionals ensure that no project is too small or too large for our Birmingham kitchen cabinets company to handle. If you want a quality product and excellent customer service as well as top rated installation, you want Poppin Rock Granite for your Birmingham kitchen cabinets and countertops!

Call us at 678-565-1199 to request a quote for your Birmingham kitchen cabinets project, and see how affordable and easy it is to work with the kitchen design experts at Poppin Rock Granite today.

Birmingham Quartz Counters

Overhauling your kitchen? One of the most important things to consider is the type of material you will use for your new Birmingham kitchen countertops. Counter tops receive the brunt of daily kitchen activity, so you should look into finding a material that is durable while meeting your aesthetic needs.

When it comes to Birmingham kitchen countertops, between food preparation and dragging objects of varying weight over the surface, homeowners want to make certain that the counter top is strong - in more ways than one! For this, we encourage our customers to consider Birmingham quartz counters.

Birmingham quartz countertops are among some of the hardest and strongest surfaces in home remodeling. The composition of Birmingham quartz counters is naturally scratch resistant and impervious to moisture and bacteria. Birmingham quartz counters are easy to clean and easy to keep looking beautiful year after year even with the onslaught of wear. So they make for a great investment for any kitchen remodeling project.

Interesting in having quartz countertops installed in your home or business? Call Poppin Rock Granite today to learn more about our Birmingham quartz counters!

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Birmingham Countertop Installation

When it comes to custom countertops, you want to ensure the money you've invested doesn't go to waste with improper installation. There is a skill to installing countertops - whether in the home or in a commercial setting. Don't waste your investment or risk ruining new countertops by attempting to install them on your own. Instead, contact a professional Birmingham countertop installation contractor.

Birmingham countertop installation service providers will not only ensure that your new countertops are installed correctly, but they can do so in a more efficient manner, saving you time. Plus, depending on the type of counter tops you purchased, a professional will know whether or not a stronger base is needed to support the weight of your Birmingham kitchen countertops. (Quartz countertops, for example, are extremely heavy and often require additional support.)

Enjoy your new kitchen sooner by hiring a professional Birmingham countertop installation company today, and rest assured that your new counters will be fitted correctly, protecting your investment.

The Services We Provide in Birmingham, AL

If you are looking for Birmingham custom countertops then please call 678-565-1199 or complete our online request form.