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How to Take Care of Your Atlanta Granite Countertops

Atlanta Granite CountertopsStep into the kitchen of a typical modern home and you will more than likely see granite countertops.  Granite countertops are important in any living space because they provide a high quality, durable surface, and the fact that they are built to last means that quality will be around for a very long time, thus making replacement rarely necessary.  Even in an area that sees plenty of action such as a kitchen, Atlanta granite countertops add a sense of style to the area’s inherent functional features.  A granite countertop will make your Atlanta kitchen look and feel just as pleasing as any other room in your home.  This consideration is especially important if you’re thinking of selling your home later on.

Atlanta granite countertops are made from one of the most durable materials ever used for home construction, and although they can last for generations, they still have to be taken care of so that they will continue effectively providing their unique style.  Since granite counters are almost always situated in the kitchen, they are subject to the same indignities that regularly befall other kitchen surfaces.  Moving food, condiments, and other items around the kitchen often leads to spills and stains just about anywhere.  Your Atlanta granite countertops will inevitably require cleaning, but since the material is not the same as what is found elsewhere around the house, cleaning it will call for methods that are different from what you are probably used to.

Cleaning Granite Kitchen Countertops

To get rid of common stains on your Atlanta granite countertops, mix some dishwashing liquid with a little flour.  Apply the mixture to the stain, let it settle overnight, and then wash the mixture off with warm water in the morning.  For stains caused by “organic” substances such as coffee, tea and mustard, use a mixture of 10 percent hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.  For “inorganic” stains caused by wine and ink, mix molding plaster with bleach.  Spread the mixture over the inorganic stain and let it settle for 45 minutes before washing it off with water.

Cleaning agents specifically for use on granite countertops are available in supermarkets and hardware shops.  Avoid using chemical cleaners that contain acidic substances such as lemon juice and vinegar because these could scratch your Atlanta granite countertop and deprive it of its natural polish.  Also avoid glass-cleaners since these could leave your countertop looking cloudy and unattractive.

Once you get rid of any stains, the next thing to do is to remove the debris and other residue.  This will require only a mixture of warm water and antibacterial soap.  Take a sponge dipped in the solution and wipe it all over the surface to pick up any particles lying around, including those that had nothing to do with the stains.

It’s not enough to simply clean your kitchen countertops when it is absolutely necessary.  You can avail of sealants that can endow granite countertops with greater resistance against everyday stains.  Apply a single coat of sealant to the entire surface and let it settle for 24 hours before applying a second coat.  This procedure may be simple but doing it ensures your Atlanta custom countertops made of granite are less porous, better protected against moisture, and shiny for years to come.

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If you are looking for Atlanta custom countertops then please call 678-565-1199 or complete our online request form.