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Atlanta Kitchen CountertopsWhen it comes to Atlanta kitchen countertops, they are usually a way of expressing the homeowner’s style and environmental consciousness. And since we prepare meals on our kitchen countertop, health and environmental effects are ultimately related into our everyday lives.

Although there is no kitchen countertop material that has no impact on the planet, there are some materials that have minimal impact on the environment. Here are some of these materials you should consider for your Atlanta custom countertops.

Concrete. When used as material for your kitchen countertop, it can be really durable. This material is not basically an earth-friendly material since production can use up a lot of energy. Concrete can be used and created into personalized shapes and colored into any customer’s choice. It can also be given a unique blended look but when this is done, you should ask first about the toxicity of the dyes you are about to use. When made into a countertop, this material is able to withstand a good amount of heat. But kitchen countertops should be sealed regularly in order to minimize stains, bacterial growth and water damage.

When used well, this material can last a long time. When you decide not to use the material anymore in your Atlanta kitchen, you can use it cut or whole for other improvements. If there is no use for the material in your home anymore, it can be crushed into aggregate in order to produce new concrete, reducing the energy needed to create concrete.

Glass Tiles. This material is more environmentally friendly than ceramic since it contains 100 percent recycled content. This material, when used as a countertop, can scratch easily and could not be that uniform, requiring you to use more grout than when using ceramic tiles. The surface irregularity can affect its performance as Atlanta kitchen countertops and most designers suggest using them only as an accent.

Paper Composite. This is made of recycled paper and other kinds of fiber infused with resin. This material for kitchen countertops can withstand heat well and can be really durable. Its dark colors can resist stains and it will not nick easily. This material may not be recyclable but they can be cut and reused for other purposes. Maintenance of this material can lower its risk for the environment. You can simply use a sponge and a nonabrasive cleaner for daily cleaning. It can be sealed with mineral oil in order to help enhance its stain resistance and moisture.

Wood. Untreated hardwood is the best material to use for your Atlanta kitchen countertops. Because growing and cutting tress is environmentally hazardous, salvaged wood is the best way to choose your material. Untreated wood is a highly renewable material and it needs less processing other types of materials for the countertop. However, this material is not a good pick for areas that get wet always like the space directly around a sink. It can also be stained and burned so it needs periodic care and cleaning. But when it is properly sealed with natural mineral oil in order to avoid drying, wood can be highly durable for your Atlanta custom countertops. Mechanical fasteners for wooden countertops can help avoid the use of adhesives and can make transferring and removing the material much easier.

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If you are looking for Atlanta custom countertops then please call 678-565-1199 or complete our online request form.